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Wouldn’t it be great if you could write one article and publish it on 10 different blogs?

With a smart strategy, you can achieve that minimal effort while multiplying your guest posts and keeping them unique.

Google’s algorithm, editors, and anyone who knows the basic rules of digital content values only unique text. That doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel and find the topic no one has ever covered to be considered unique, it rather means you cannot copy other articles word by word.

That’s plagiarism, in other words, stealing.

When you think about it, there is no truly unique content unless we are talking about a breakthrough article or an innovative approach in a certain industry that has been written about.

Everybody copies.

Bestselling book authors use research from others and often cite them in their writing. A writer wouldn’t be able to write a non-fiction book without leveraging the information used from others’ work. Likewise, websites link to other websites to prove a certain point and give more information to the reader.

You also can paraphrase others if you do it smartly.

Forget article spinning tools with ridiculous sentences, clever hand spinning is a go-to solution for anyone wanting to practice good SEO.

The comment above shows a simple yet perfect example of how badly spun content looks like.

Here are a few technical hacks I used that can help you recycle your guest post while keeping it 100% unique for Google.

Spin-off Your Article Titles

Let’s say you have one topic you are most comfortable writing or you simply want to stick with one theme to simplify your outreach efforts. With article spinning and personalized emails, contacting bloggers for guest posting can be a breeze.

Whatever the reason, you can adhere to that one title and pitch unique material in every guest post email if you leverage title spinning. With this approach, every article will get a slightly different angle. You can then rewrite your text to match the angle without having to start over from scratch.

Here’s an example of how you can use a seed topic to create 5-10 (or more) different article titles:

10 Digital Skills You Need to Master to Become an Entrepreneur – this is our main title.

You can replace EVERY word in that title, or even expand it.

The parts we can change are:

Numbers – Reconstruct the Article Scheme

Change your original number (in our case number10) to numbers 5,7,12 etc. and your article will be different due to the length of specific subheadings. Logically, if your list post has a high number of items in the title (25 for example), you will have a lot of short article sections.

Conversely, if you are writing about 3 digital skills only, you can go in more depth about each one of them. Just by changing the number your article will get a new look.

Spinning the Subject – Digital Skills

By changing the subject of the sentence, i.e. the phrase digital skills, your copy will take a somewhat different course. Depending on how drastically you change the word, you will have to adjust and rewrite the articlemaking it unique every time.

However, you will still stay in the lines of your well-known topic. Digital skills, for example, can be replaced with phrases like outreach skills, organizational skills, habits, time management skills.

Going further, we can ditch the word “skills” and replace it with something else, like tactics, hacks, tips, and so on.

  • 10 Organizational Skills You Need to Master to Become an Entrepreneur
  • 10 Time Management Hacks You Need to Master to Become an Entrepreneur
  • 10 Habits You Need to Master to Become an Entrepreneur

Change the Predicate (the Action)

Changing the action will not necessarily make your copy unique, but at least you will be offering a different title to different blogs.

  • 10 Organizational Skills You Need to Acquire to Become an Entrepreneur
  • 10 Time Management Hacks You Need to Learn to Become an Entrepreneur
  • 10 Habits You Need to Develop to Become an Entrepreneur

My advice is to always use unique content only. The effort you put in rewriting your article is worth it.

Change the Object

When you change the object of your title, you give your copy a new story. When an entrepreneur becomes a marketer or a manager, you will be forced to rewrite your post enough to keep it unique.

Depending on your experience, choose how far can you go with object diversity. An owner of a marketing agency will find his or her expertise in both being an entrepreneur and a marketer.

  • 10 Organizational Skills You Need to Acquire to Become a Manager
  • 4 Time Management Hacks You Need to Learn to Become a Digital Marketer
  • 3 Habits You Need to Develop to Become a Top-notch Entrepreneur

As a final touch, expand your topic with an emotional adjective (like top-notch). Writing engaging headlines is a topic of its own, but for the cause of reworking the article title, we will not go in great detail.

To find interesting synonyms for this practice, use free tools like Pro Writing Aid (click on the thesaurus > synonym option), and put suitable replacements in a spreadsheet.

The goal of this title spinning is to alter your title enough to make you have to tweak and rewrite your post without doing it from scratch – outline, research, and so forth.

We are using the 80:20 rule, or the Pareto principle, where we want to put in 20% of effort to achieve 80% of results.

This strategic article spinning is useful to get you into the habit, to start thinking about slightly tweaking your title, and to help you understand the possibilities and courses your article could take.

When you get accustomed to it, you can switch to an article spinning tool like Hubspot Theme Generator. You can put up to 5 words in the search bar and download a spreadsheet with 250 ideas (after you sign in).

However, the tool has the same problem as article spinners – the context is often broken.

Below is a screenshot from the table that Hubspot generated. We used one word for this practice: entrepreneur.

Leftover entrepreneur budget? What’s that – most entrepreneurs would ask?

When using these tools, take them with a grain of salt, you always have to ensure something makes sense.

Final Results

When we spin and combine all the options available, we get a much higher number of title that we can choose from. Cherry-pick those that sound best to you.

  • “7 Things You Need to Know to Become a World-Class Digital Marketer”
  • “5 Tactics You Need to Learn to Become a Rockstar Social Media Marketer”
  • 3 Strategies You Need to Perfect to Be a Brilliant Salesman

If you would have to come up with another version of the whole title, you probably wouldn’t think of this many variants. Focusing on ONE WORD at a time helps you come to better replacements for every word. You will collect way better topics with this strategic approach.

The key is implementing a step-by-step process and breaking the work in smaller pieces. When you concentrate on one word, you’ll be able to find 5 (at least) amazing substitutes for that word that will bring your title to the next level.

Only when you finish brainstorming synonyms for one word you should move to another.

The Takeaway

So can you submit the same guest post on different websites? My answer is no, not literally, but you can have one seed topic that you will clone to make 5 or 10 unique articles.

With this, a bit studious approach, you will scale your work and never have a writer’s block.

What is your favourite hack to reuse articles?

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  1. Rashid Abbasi

    Thanks for addressing the topic, so the basic idea is, that if we change the title of an article, we can keep the content same. Right?

    1. daniel

      Hello Rashid,
      That’s totally not true. If the content remains the same then it will be duplicate content and it will not rank in Google. Also if the website owner checks the content it will see its duplicate and will refuse to publish it.
      The idea is to use most of the information in the article but repurposes it. For instance, 20 Best SEO Tools in 2021 can become 10 Best Free SEO Tools in 2021 and 10 Best SEO Tools You Should Purchase Today.

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