Nowadays, most of digital business have strong competitors. 👨‍💼👨‍💼👨‍💼
We can help you outrank yours. 🚀

When you’re informed about your competitive landscape, you make better decisions and focus your marketing budget on the right channels to outperform your competitors.


Here’s What You Get with our Revenue-driven SEO Services

  1. More Targeted Traffic – You will start to see an increase in the number of website visitors.
  2. More Trust & Authority – By creating and amplifying quality content you will become an authority in your industry.
  3. More Leads – We target the audience that is most likely to be interested in your products and services.
  4. More Revenue – Targeted leads we generate will turn into paying customers.
  1. More Brand Awareness – Your brand can become the one your customers think of overall the competition in the industry.
  2. More Business Growth – The new traffic, qualified leads, and brand awareness all contribute to new growth opportunities.
  3. More Business Opportunities – By engaging new audiences you should expect to receive partnership requests, purchase offers, etc.
  4. More Free Time -We’ll provide a monthly report containing the KPIs and the work we’ve done for you.

Our Proven SEO Strategy - IFGO

Phase #1 – Investigate

SEO Services - Step 1: Investigate

In this initial phase, we want to have an overview of your website’s SEO health, the products or services you are offering, the ideal buyer persona, and your industry particularities (competitors, opportunities).

We define the Buyer Personas, do Keyword & Topic Research, Competitor Forensic Analysis, and Website audits (Technical, Content, Backlinks, Information Architecture) to see exactly how the website stands and lay the foundation for growth.

Phase #2 – Fix

After phase 1 is completed, we have a clear picture of how the website stands. We will start with the on-site SEO activities to make sure your website is optimized for search engines. 

We will [1] fix the on-site SEO issues identified in the previous step, [2] do local SEO and business listings [3] create the content planning, [4] revamp the old content, and [5] fix any backlinks issues.

Phase #3 - Grow

By now we have a perfectly optimized website so we will start implementing the SEO growth strategy by posting and amplifying actionable, revenue-driven content and improving the EAT factor.

Also, we will create exposure, create digital PR campaigns, earn backlinks and media mentions to improve rankings. This will lead to more targeted traffic that drives sales.

Phase #4 - (Conversion) Optimization

The last phase of our SEO framework is dedicated to conversion optimization. We analyze the traffic and the leads coming to the website to improve the conversion funnel and generate more sales.

We do this by revamping the content, adding lead magnets to the cornerstone articles, gated content, and supporting topic clusters.

Brands we helped with SEO:

MediaDigi SEO Customers - Propel Venture Partners
MediaDigi SEO Customers - FSS Global
MediaDigi Customers - NordFX

Proven Results

Results on a New Website in a Highly Competitive Niche
Results on a New Website in a Highly Competitive Niche
Results on an Established Website in a Medium Competitive Niche
Results on an Established Website in a Medium Competitive Niche

Our SEO Pricing Plans

All our SEO offers are tailored to match each client’s needs. The prices may vary depending on the growth speed you aim, the competitiveness of your industry, or the geographical area you target.  To get an overview of the budget and results you should set, here are our most popular plans:

SEO Slow Organic Growth

  • Audits: Yes (every 12 months)
  • Fixes: Yes (when needed)
  • Growth: Yes (limited)
  • Conversion Optimization: No


SEO Moderate Organic Growth

  • Audits: Yes (every 6 months)
  • Fixes: Yes (when needed)
  • Growth phase: Yes
  • Conversion Optimization: Yes


SEO Rapid Growth Plan

  • Audits: Yes (every 3 months)
  • Fixes: Yes (when needed)
  • Growth: Yes (extended)
  • Conversion Optimization: Yes (extended)


Please keep in mind that we can offer the Investigation (Phase 1) and Fix (Phase 2) as sole, one-time services. We can not offer Growth and Optimize (Phase 3&4) for someone that doesn’t purchase Phase 1 and 2.


Frequently Asked Questions on SEO

Who’s the team that’s running MediaDigi agency?

We are an international team of passionate digital marketing professionals who put together their digital marketing knowledge. Daniel, MediaDigi’s CEO, is doing digital marketing for over 10 years, helping businesses grow, gain awareness and extend their audience by amplifying valuable revenue-driven content.

What makes this agency special?

Well, there are several things that set us apart from other service providers.

[1] Daniel and the team members are SEMrush, HubSpot, and Google certified. [2] Second, everything we do have been tested in the field for multiple customers, and [3] we are fully transparent and honest about our work. Read our blog to see exactly how we do things that bring results.

When I will start seeing results?

Depending on the service you order, there are different result paths. For each of them, we offer a clear roadmap of work and expected results. Contact us for details.

What is the minimum contract period?

There is a 3-months minimum contract period where we will focus on Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our framework. To see comprehensive results, we recommend committing for at least 8 months. So please make sure you will choose the plan that matches your budget for the given period of time.

What are your payment terms?

After you agree with the estimate and the project roadmap, we request a one-month deposit to start working. The monthly payments must be remitted in max 10 business days after we send the deliverables and the invoice.

Still have questions. How I can contact you?

You may contact us through the project request form or directly by sending us an email at contact{at} We are really passionate about what we are doing and love to tell you more and answer your questions.

If you need more details you may contact us at contact{at} or by filling the form on the contact us page. We will get back to you in max 2 business days.