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Instagram Marketing [Ultimate Guide]

Instagram is another popular social media site that is aimed at social media; it can be either in the form of photographs or even videos.

As we all know Instagram is the most growing and prominent social platform nowadays with 700 million active users.

Instagram was introduced in 2010 but in reality, it has gained popularity in the last few years due to its increased level of engagement as a social media platform.

Marketing on Instagram

Nowadays most people using this platform to enhance the sales of their products and brands. This has become now an effective platform for business. And for growing business more effectively you need to follow some of the best tips.

Any good Social Media Management Agency will tell you, Instagram is the perfect option for all those businesses that rely heavily on visual media like fashion businesses, food, design, and travel, and so on.

Businesses can opt for either posting photos or videos of their products on Instagram and they can organize a different photo or video contest for spreading publicity about their business.

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You can link your Instagram account to a business website but you can mention the same in any of your posts on other social media sites as well. You can make use of Instagram for generating web traffic for your website and thereby generate more interest.

So in this article, we will cover some of the best Instagram Marketing Tips for our Brand Marketing

#1 Create an attractive business account

The first step for better marketing is to build an attractive business account on your Instagram. Upload unique and relevant images on that account which will reflect only your brand and products.

You should not have your personal image on that business account for personal images you should have a separate personal account.

#2 Share gorgeous and fabulous images of your products

Share gorgeous and effective images of your products and brands by using some filters, which Instagram provides you and even you can download some filters app as well to enhance the beauty of your picture.

This will help you in that way when you will share the effective and gorgeous picture with a proper hashtag most people like that and comment on it in this way you can connect with them and start your conversation.

#3 Provide links to your website or product in your bio

This is one of the most prominent ways most people use nowadays to gain more traffic directly.

Just insert a proper link to your website, brand, or product in your bio to attract the customer directly.

#4 Use video clips

One more trend is very popular nowadays in which people make small 15 seconds videos and in that they share a little message regarding anything. you can also make a short video in which you can promote your product or brand.

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#5 Do more focus on your follower’s list

Try to focus more on the followers because this is the best thing to market your products the more followers you have the more you have the chance to grow your product more rapidly.

You can increase your followers organically by posting relevant images with proper hashtags and inorganically by buying followers.

Vibbi is one of the most popular and growing tools nowadays which will helps you grow your followers.

So this app has 2 in 1 function provides followers and also manages the content of your profile as well.

#6 Show new uses for your products

If you want to gain followers quickly you have to use some new ways to use the product. Use some innovative ways to use a product.

#7 Use proper hashtags

Hashtag plays a very important role in marketing a product on every social media platform so the use of proper and relevant hashtags will help you in different ways.

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post your images on your business account with relevant and proper hashtags and share your images with the same hashtags on the other social media platform as well to gain more audience.

#8 Host Instagram contest

Try to host a contest once a week, this will help you to engage more people with your account distribute prizes just by asking simple questions even give some free prizes well this will also increase the follower’s list of your Instagram business account.

#9 Share your pics on other social networks

This is the thing you should do if you want to gain more followers in a short interval of time. Do share your pictures videos on other social platforms (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc) as well to engage more people with your profile.

#10 Post at the Best time

One thing you should look for is the timing you are posting your images and videos. The best time to post your image and videos is the time during the day it is the time where most people use Instagram more often and they will like your pictures and comment on them.

These form the different steps that you should take to set up a killer profile and increase your audience base by using Instagram.

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