Sending a prospect an initial email? Make a first impression that lasts

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Initial Email First Impression That Lasts
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In email marketing, same as in life generally, the first impression matters a lot. If you are to focus on email campaigns especially for a B2B business, the first impression makes all the difference.

In the beginning, your interest should not about introducing the client to the product. It should not be about you wanting to sell to them. Rather, make an introduction to get to know them.

You need to establish rapport first before your present the product.

For a beginner, you are going to have to do a bit of research about the prospect; you will know why this is vital. Making a lasting first impression is one of the hardest parts of emails marketing.

The initial email carries all the weight. It determines whether or not the prospects connect with you. Otherwise, your emails will only end up in the spam folder.

The following are basic ways to make the first impression.

Get right the person’s name

This may seem like an easy thing worth ignoring, and that is a mistake that many marketers have done. They think that it does not matter how you write the name of the prospect as long as it gets to them.

Well, they are wrong! It matters a lot how people are addressed in an email. Some people feel bad when their names are misspelled.

In general, people like to feel special, to feel they have been recognized. You will hear comments like β€œI like this person. They know my name!” that is the beginning of a lasting first impression.

Focus on the opening line; make it personal

Keep in mind that this is not a newsletter you are sending. It is an email that goes more directly to the individual.

The goal is to get the person to read your email. Therefore, starting on the right note will make all the difference. You have only a few seconds to capture their attention at the beginning of the message.

This is the subject line that introduces the client to your company. Mention the name of the prospect here.

You elevator pitch

If you remember well, you must have come across making the introductory paragraph about what you are talking about.

This means you have to introduce yourself and what you do in the first few sentences. Do not make the mistake of jumping directly into the main body before telling your prospect what to expect from you.

Make this short and direct too. Be careful though not to be too formal. The goal is to establish rapport and make them feel comfortable about you.

Consider a proper layout

One thing about emails is that the appearance is as important as the layout. It appears better if, for example, you use bullet points, this makes you appear professional and know what you are talking about.


Your first impression makes it possible for you to establish a strong email campaign. Take your time to learn every trick about it and things will be easier for you.

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