Why you should automate product text ads on Google?

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Automate Product Text Ads
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With its estimated 64,000 searches per second, Google indeed presents a very useful platform to promote your products or services.

It is the most used search engine in the world and pretty much everyone knows about it. That is the reason why more and more retailers and entrepreneurs joining online advertising.

Keeping up with the competitors in such an arena may be tough sometimes, mainly if you’re an owner of a bigger company and you sell hundreds of products that you want to advertise.

The product data are constantly changing and the ads need to be updated as well. That is the reason why the e-commerce boom brought up more debates about the necessity of automatization of advertising.

Automatization of processes in digital marketing is exactly what it sounds like – you let the machine learning and artificial intelligence do your agenda related to the creation and management of Google Ads.

But is it really necessary for you?

#1. Five reasons why you should automatize

1.1 Save time

It is almost obvious that the first and biggest advantage of automation is time-saving. E-shop owners often offer hundreds to thousands of products that they want to advertise.

Their availability, price, or stock is constantly changing. These data need to be changed in the ads as well, which may be manually impossible.

Creation and management take a lot of time that you would rather invest in some other activity. Automatization of processes gives you that time.

1.2 Get more customers

But it does not have to be the only different activity that you can invest the saved time into. You can also expand your portfolio of your customers to whom you offer your services.

1.3 Make your services more accessible

With less effort you have to invest in campaign management, you are also saving the related costs. That allows you to make your services more accessible to those, who otherwise (incase with no automation and higher costs) would not be able to afford them.

1.4 Simplify the processes

The creation and management of ads are thanks to automation simpler, more efficient and competitive.

At the Marketing Live conference presented by Google in 2019, the necessity for automatization was constantly stressed. Up to 30% of agencies or e-shop may cease to exist because their ads and sales will not be able to compete with other retailers.

1.5 Obtain better results

The time you save can be also dedicated to the creative side of the advertising, analyses or optimization of campaigns than can result in obtaining better performance and results.

#2. Ways of advertising on Google Ads

Before explaining the specific ways of automation of Google ads, let’s have a look at the possibilities of advertising on Google itself. When advertising specific products there are two best ways (out of 8) how to do it – you can either use Google Shopping ads or Product Text Ads.

2.1 Google Shopping ads

Shopping ads are in the form of an imaginary catalogue of a specific product in different e-shops. They are displayed in Google Search and also in Google Display Network.

Basically, this type of ads does not allow you to do much. You set it up using Google Merchant where you upload basic information about your product and Google does the rest.

You probably already know them, but just in case, this is how they look:

2.2 Product Text ads

In Product Text ads you have more possibility to use your creativity and interact with customers through words. Instead of an image, this type gives you space for up to three headlines, display URL and a description. You can also enrich them by using different extensions that allow people to see your ratings or enable them to call you with just one tap.

Here you can see it next to the Shopping ad:

As the image demonstrates, both types of ads display independently. Therefore, you may use them at the same time and increase your chances to attract a customer. A Google study has shown that customers who see both types of ads at the same time are 90 % more likely to visit your e-shop.

#3. How to automate Google ads?

Google Shopping ads are automated by Google itself. You need to have a list of your products with detailed information (it is called a product feed) that you upload to your account in Google Merchant. When Google Ads receive this information, it will automatically create ads for your products.

When it comes to product text ads, the situation, unfortunately, isn’t that bright. Google still hasn’t come up with a possibility of automation within the platform itself. But that does not mean that you cannot simplify the processes.

Before showing you how to automate your product text ads, let’s have a look at the various types of text ads that we distinguish:

3.1 Product ads

With classic product ads, you advertise a specific product. The ad includes a name of the product in its most specific form, including, for example, colour, model, type etc. That means that you are targeting a customer who already exactly knows what he is looking for.

When the customer clicks the ad, he directly gets to a page with that specific product in your e-shop, where he can continue with the purchase. This is how classic product text ads look like:

3.2 Product-group ads

Product-group ads serve to advertise groups of products that have some attributes in common – for example, backpacks. You are not advertising one specific backpack, but rather all those you sell in your e-shop.

With this type of ads, you can approach customers who still have not decided which brand, type or colour they want. After clicking the ad, the customer is redirected to your e-shop, where he sees all the products in the desired category and he can choose the one which fits him the most.

3.3 Dynamic Search Ads

It is not rare that your e-shop also includes products with low search volume status. This status indicates that it is being rarely searched for such products and therefore their advertising is a bit difficult. But not impossible.

In this case, Google Index and the SEO power of your e-shop pages are considered when creating the ad.

3.4 Which type is the best?

All of them! It is recommended that you use not one, but all three to achieve the best results. By combining all three types, you are most likely to cover all queries that are important for your business, look:

#4. Requirements for automation

To automate your product text ads you need the following:

4.1 Properly set up Google Ads account

Before creating campaigns for different products you obviously need a Google Ads account, in which you can later set up the ads. This account has to be set up adequately, meaning it has to contain all the necessary information. Also, it is inevitable to link it with Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics.

4.2 Optimized product feed

Aside from a properly set up account, you also need an optimized product feed that contains all the important data about your products. It can be in whichever format you prefer (.XML format recommended) that is eligible for price comparators, as long as it contains detailed information. The information will be used similarly as in Shopping campaigns.

Having these two, you can proceed with the automation of itself.

‘But you said that Google does not support automation! So what should I do now?’

Exactly. It was mentioned that Google has not developed a tool to automate product text ads yet. But the following statement was that you can automate the processes of product text ad creation and management anyways. So how to do it?

The only way how to take advantage of the automation of product text ads is to rely on specialized tools. These tools use data in your product feed to automatically create product text ads via synchronized Google Ads account, using your product feed with detailed information.

But not only do the tools create such ads, but they also help you with further management. They will update your ads immediately when the data you provided change so that only relevant information will be shown to the customer!

All you need to do is to give the third-party tool all the necessary information and watch your ads being created.

The sooner you give them a try, the sooner you will be able to enjoy all the aforementioned advantages such as more free time.


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