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Top 10 B2B Marketing Blogs
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Are you looking to expand your reading list of B2B marketing blogs?

Or are you already into B2B, and you want to get some inspiration to become more innovative and maintain a competitive advantage?

In the world of B2B digital marketing, there is more and more to learn. Especially now that content marketing is transforming, transitioning from text to video.

The learning curve can seem steep if you come from the consumer side, but there are some great resources. Our team is always looking for inspiring material that gives data and tips on how we can grow.

You don’t have to scramble on the internet and waste time. We took it upon ourselves to research to give you the list of the top B2B marketing blogs out there.

The following list of B2B Marketing Blogs is not even close to complete. It’s just some of our most visited blogs to keep up to date with information regarding B2B digital marketing.

#1 – HubSpot

The HubSpot Blog
The HubSpot Blog

As we’ve said before, inbound marketing isn’t the only thing to consider, but it’s an essential thing to master if you are going to make your website your best salesperson.

They have marketing, sales, and agency blogs, so you are bound to find something that will address your niche. Given their own research and reports, they have a wealth of information to help you in your day-to-day.

For inbound marketing expertise, there’s no better source than the company that invented the model. HubSpot’s blog is a wealth of information with everything from best practices, how-to’s, infographics, and more.

#2 – Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute
Content Marketing Institute

This is a go-to for our team. There are so much information and research that we have to whittle down how many resources to use rather than searching for more. Their blog posters are really talented and knowledgeable, so it is well worth the visit. Visit Content Marketing Institute Blog.

#3 – Business2Community

Business 2 Community
Business 2 Community

A diverse range of topics, but the posts focused on B2B are often very forward-looking, in-depth, well thought out, and easy to understand.

#4 – B2BMarketing

B2B Marketing
B2B Marketing

Just getting started in B2B marketing? This site is a nice mix of basics that will help you get the B2B ball rolling.

#5 – MarketingProfs


They make it their business to provide high-quality resources, research, and data for marketers. While it isn’t a traditional blog, per se, they have so much information on so many relevant topics that we would be remiss not to mention them. Wander around their site, and you will have a hard time not downloading more than you have time to read.

#6 – SalesForce Blog

SalesForce Blog
Salesforce Blog

At the forefront of the cloud, offerings is Salesforce. Their blog is filled with lots of great ideas: New tips, trends, and insights from the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem in sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, and apps.

#7 Small Biz Trends

B2B Marketing Blogs - Small Biz Trends
B2B Marketing Blogs – Small Biz Trends

Small Business Trends is the premier source of information, breaking news, and advice covering key important issues to small businesses. Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the people who interact with them.

#8 Marketo

B2B Marketing Blog - Marketo Blog
B2B Marketing Blog – Marketo Blog

Marketo blog addresses both B2B and Consumer marketing issues. Under each section, it is organized into bigger topics such as Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Lead Management, and so much more. The fact that it is organized this way makes it easier for you to find something that will specifically address your immediate concern or area you want to grow in.

#9 Convince and Convert

B2B Marketing Blog - ConvinceAndConvert
B2B Marketing Blog – ConvinceAndConvert

Convince and Convert by Jay Baer is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but he’s also someone who can take your strategic B2B Marketing objectives and boil them down into actionable ideas.

Jay is not just a social media rockstar; he knows how to help B2B Marketers create real business value from their marketing and social efforts.

#10 - eCommerce & Affiliate Marketing Blog – eCommerce & Affiliate Marketing Blog

Founded in 2004, is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the people who make money online. It is one of the most popular independent small business publications on the web, focusing on content marketing and monetization.

Conclusion on B2B Marketing Blogs

Now that you’ve seen the top-performing B2B marketing blogs, you’re now more equipped with ideas to create your own blog and an effective content marketing strategy.

It can be daunting to face the B2B world, but you are not alone. Taking the time to read up on the industry trends and being challenged to do things freshly will only hone the skills you already possess. Hopefully, these b2b marketing blogs will help you along your way.

Well, I’ve told you about us.

Now it’s your turn. So, what B2B blogs and digital magazines are you reading?

Let us know in the comments.

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