TikTok Marketing for Businesses [Ultimate Guide]

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TikTok Marketing for Businesses [Ultimate Guide]

In this guide, I want to tell you what is all this hype around TikTok, how businesses are using TikTok and how you as a business can benefit from using TikTok for branding and selling purposes.

Ready to dominate TikTok Marketing, in the easiest way possible, using the most effective tools and in the shortest time ever?

What Is TikTok all about?

TikTok is an application that came out of nowhere, was created in China where it is known as DOUYIN and for the rest of the world, it is known as TikTok. When TikTok was created it caused great euphoria among Chinese youth and teenagers because it was an application of video exchanges and for young people that was very fun.

TikTok joined musical.ly where young people could upload music videos where they could synchronize the movements of their lips with the sensational music.

Then the young people who had more experience technically uploaded original videos which caused them to become influential on the platform.

For young people, it is very fun since they can upload videos with a duration of 15 seconds and can also share these videos in their stories and these videos have a duration of 60 seconds. TikTok and music.ly are addressed to the same audience.

According to Oberlo.com, Tiktok has 800 million active users worldwide and the TikTok app has been downloaded per 1,5 billion times on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

TikTok - Number of users in the United States 2019-2024
TikTok – Number of users in the United States 2019-2024

Before going further I have to tell you that there are several worldwide concerns regarding the privacy of the information on TikTok.

Recently, TikTok was banned in India both in AppStore and Google Play. Users who have the TikTok app download can still use the app and post videos but officially the platform is now banned in the country

Also, Apple caught TikTok secretly spying on millions of iPhone users by a security issue in iOS 14.

Consider yourself warned.

Who Uses TikTok?

First, we will start with music.ly which is an application that pointed to the z generation and with a female bias, even this application is still favoured by young people, with 66% of its users under 30.

The Douyin application as it is known in China began to be used in 2017 by young people. 55% of their users were under 24 years old. It is important to note that the first users of Douyin stayed on the platform as they got older. This means that the average age of Douyin users has gradually gone up.

In February of 2018, about 31.8% of people using Duoyin were under 24 years old, with 23.4% of users aged 25 to 30, and another 23.4% of users aged 31 to 35.

Distribution of TikTok users in the United States as of January 2020, by age group and gender
Distribution of TikTok users in the United States as of January 2020, by age group and gender

According to market research done by eMarketer.com in Sep 2019 between teens (age 13-17), TikTok has a market share of only 2% but is rapidly growing.

eMarketer Research, Sep 2019: Which social media platform do us teens use most often?
eMarketer Research, Sep 2019: Which social media platform do us teens use most often?

How Can Brands Benefit From TikTok?

For the marketing of brands using the TikTok application, there are three ways:

  • Brands can create a channel and upload videos they consider to be relevant.
  • Brands can work with influencers to help their content be disseminated more widely.
  • Companies can pay to advertise on TikTok although TikTok does not have the same scope as YouTube.

However, it can become more popular and stable over time. Generally, many brands combine their channels and work with influential people so that the content of their products are directed to a larger audience.

They can also try some of the ideas on their channels like hashtag challenges, user-generated content and TikTok advertising. The user can also suggest to their influencers to share this type of content in their networks.

How Businesses Use TikTok

Now that your TikTok account is up and running, and now that you know how to create engaging content to generate buzz around your brand, it is time for you to learn how other businesses in your niche are using TikTok for their campaigns. This will allow you to study their marketing tactics, which you can reverse-engineer, as well as to discover who is following them.

Getting Started

Checking out how your competitors and other businesses use TikTok, you have to start by finding them. To do this, you have to use the “discover” feature. So first, tap on the “discover” shortcut icon to go to the “discover” screen.

Finding Other Businesses

On TikTok Ok, let’s now look for other business accounts on TikTok. The easiest way to do this is simply by typing a niche keyword into the search bar.

Type your keyword, and then tap on “search”. Once in the results screen, tap on the “users” tab. Now, to identify business accounts in the niche you are searching on, you have to look for accounts that are branded. This means accounts that have the name of a brand, company, or business, that have a branded profile image or video, and that has a sizeable audience.

Optionally, you can use the name of a brand or business as the keyword when you do your search. This will make your search easier if you are already looking for a specific brand or business. Now tap on the profile of a business account in the results.

Analyzing A TikTok Profile For A Business

Ok, now it is time to take a closer look at the details on a business account. These details, as well as the type of content you’ll find in them, will vary from niche to niche, but there’s still useful information that you can measure to optimize your account.

Start by identifying which additional profiles they add to their TikTok profiles. In general, most businesses on TikTok include their Instagram profiles. This is because Instagram is also a visual discovery platform for younger users, and they know that it is important to cross-promote. Next, look at their profile bio.

Businesses use this field to target niche keywords and search terms in their industry. This makes it easier for them to be discovered by potential customers. To grab the attention of profile visitors, they include emojis in their bio. This enhances the visual appeal of their bio and their profile in general.

Lastly, you have to take a look at their videos. Businesses use TikTok to showcase their products or services. They make their products or services as prominent as possible in their video thumbnails. When you watch one of these videos, you’ll notice that businesses use them to show the process behind creating a product, or make them about using a product, or about the results of using a product or services.

This helps them increase buying intent in the viewer, and moves them down the sales funnel! Finally, we recommend you to follow these accounts if they’re a business in your niche. This will help you to network with similar business on TikTok, as well as to reach the audiences of these businesses!

TikTok Marketing Success Stories

The Washington Post


The Washington Post is a newspaper but operates very differently on TikTok. This newspaper uses their account to publish funny videos behind the scenes and parodies about their writing.

  • Objective: Its objective is to show a lighter side of the news and a more relaxed view of its journalists in the videos to attract a younger audience.
  • Strategy: They create videos where they will show their journalists in a more relaxed and funny way.
  • Results: So far the video has over 3,000 likes, 37 comments, and 147 shares.

Chelsey White


Chelsey calls herself “Cake Content Creator” and offers novel dessert recipes from her home in New York.

  • Objective: Gain popularity by showing baked goods that are visually stunning.
  • Strategy: She made a three-layer cake and challenged “fellow food lovers” to participate in the “savour the flavour” contest on TikTok.
  • Results: With its publication achieving 212,690 visits, 8,765 likes and 32 comments and an engagement rate of 1.15%.

John Kanell


Known as Preppy Kitchen is a father of food bloggers in Los Angeles. Kanell has 4,600 fans on TikTok and 781,000 followers on Instagram.

  • Objective: Promote TikTok with your contest “Savor The Flavor”
  • Strategy: In the application TikTok I film a chocolate cake covered with butter and ganache, while in his conversational legend he promoted TikTok as his contest “Savor the Flavor”
  • Results: It reached 439,628 visits, 15,937 likes and 198 comments and a 2.07% engagement rate


https://www.TikTok .com/@nba

NBA is an account that combines the best moments of the game with musical montages and quotes that inspire.

  • Objective: Among its objectives was to use the musical characteristics to make their brand less heavy and make the athletes look more identifiable.
  • Strategy: The NBA makes occasional motivational publications like this one where basketball player RJ Barret talks about his recruitment by the New York Knicks.
  • Results: At the time of taking this screenshot the video had 9,000 likes, 40 comments, and 42 shares.

More examples on HubSpot

TikTok Marketing Do’s

Create a profile that looks fascinating

This is a transcendent detail since the information you provide can leave a great impression on the people who look and visit your profile.

  • Be original – Discover your own style, do not imitate the content that is created by others. Be original, enjoy creating your videos since the viewers of your videos can see if you enjoyed making the video or not. Understand your followers First, ask yourself why people would want to follow you. What does your account offer that others do not? Are you a good dancer or actor? All these questions will help you get to know your audience, remember that you are not making videos for yourself.
  • Follow the instructions when uploading videos – You must ensure that you do not violate TikTok guidelines. Your videos should be useful content for your followers, for example, videos where you give tips to improve your physical training.
  • Participate in viral videos – By following the latest trends in social networks lets you know that other types of content are popular right now. For example, the challenges involved in singing a popular song are an excellent option.
  • Make your content consistent – Build a consistent pattern so that your audience knows what to expect from you. If your audience already knows what kind of video they expect from you every Monday and every Thursday, they will start waiting for you and return to TikTok on those days to watch their videos.
  • Relate to your audience – Connect with your viewers, don’t forget to answer the comments that they put in your videos. When responding to your followers be kind, give intelligent answers and they will feel that you care and that you look at their comments.
  • Spread your videos on other social networks – Make a promotion of your videos on other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and also in a blog if you have one. The greater the number of people who see and know your content, the more they will see and like it.
  • Make your production values improve over time – Most people who start on TikTok do so with limited budgets, equipment and skills. By spending time practising they will develop their skills and once they can generate money they will improve their equipment and budget.
  • Make your TikTok account grow – One of the most successful ways to make your TikTok account grow is to work TikTok together with another network. The primary influencers of TikTok work great on YouTube. So take into account these tips to increase your followers.

TikTok Marketing Dont’s

  • Don’t create boring videos or videos without any utility – Remember that you are not making videos for yourself but for an audience, you should not make a wide range of videos trying to keep everyone happy.
  • Don’t reveal much personal information in your profile – Some people misuse TikTok so it is not convenient for you to reveal a lot of information about yourself, you must be careful. Do not upload videos and images that people can use to abuse.
  • Don’t upload videos that generate violence – Users of social networks use this medium to have fun, meet people and learn things. You want to grow your network of followers on TikTok, so if your videos are full of violence, your followers will stop following you.
  • Don’t choose a long username – If you want to make an impact when creating your TikTok account don’t choose a long and complicated username, choose an easy and attractive name that hooks your followers.
  • Don’t be generic when creating your profile – If you talk about many things at once your followers will not understand what your page is about.
  • Don’t forget to follow the latest trends – If you don’t follow the latest trends in other easy networks you will not have the opportunity to see and know that other types of content are popular at the moment.
  • Don’t use a single account – If you want to have a large audience, then don’t limit yourself to a single account on the social network. By doing so, you will not be able to reach users on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Don’t copy videos from others – Don’t try to imitate the content of others’ videos. If you do, you will never find a style that distinguishes you from others. Be original and unique.
  • Don’t follow people who are not famous on the network – If you want more followers you should not follow people who have no influence on the network if you want these people to follow you, it is very easy, follow them and stop following them until they follow you.
  • Don’t use your TikTok videos to promote weapons – This social network is widely used by young people who use it to spend fun moments creating videos or just enjoying the content. So on this platform, you cannot publish content that encourages its users to buy weapons or use them.

Switching Your TikTok Personal Account Into Pro

Now we’re going to take it all one step further by showing you how to switch your new TikTok account into a Pro account that’ll let you take advantage of all that TikTok has to offer.

Getting Started

Doing this is simple enough, and you can start on the TikTok home screen while logged in to your account.

From there, tap on the “me” shortcut icon to go to the account screen. Next, tap on the menu icon on the top right corner to go to the account settings screen. Now tap on the “manage my account” option located under the “Account” section.

Switching Into A Pro Account

Once in the “manage my account” screen, tap on the “switch to Pro account” link. Ok, now that you’re about to make the switch, you might be wondering, what’s a Pro account all about?

A Pro account is simply a free account upgrade that will give you access to the necessary tools to grow and track your performance. With a Pro account, you can also view analytics, which will let you find out how your videos perform, and to learn more about your followers.

Alright, now continue by tapping on the “continue” button. Next, choose a category. This will allow you to get customized analytics. You can tap on “next” after you select your account category.

On the following screen, enter your phone number into the “phone number” field and then tap on “next”. You’ll receive an SMS code to your phone that you’ll have to enter on the next screen, right into the “4-digit phone code” field. Enter the code, and then tap on “Done” to continue. Awesome job! Now you have a Pro TikTok account.

Let’s tap on “ok” to finish. After you switch to Pro, an “analytics” tab will be added to our account settings screen, right under the “account” section. Tap on this tab to go to the “analytics” screen, where you will see a detailed overview of your account performance, which can help you to make decisions and optimize your content according to the results you’re getting here.

Switching to a Pro account is not permanent, and you can go back to a personal account if you want to, with just a few simple steps.

All you would have to do is to go to the account settings page, and tap on the “manage my account” tab under the “account” section, and then tap on the “switch back to personal account” link.

And this is it my friends! Now you can fully take advantage of all the marketing features that TikTok offers. Next up we’ll be showing you how to customize your TikTok business profile the right way. Stay tuned!

Branding Your TikTok Profile For Business

We are going to show you how to customize your Pro TikTok profile in a way that will increase your brand’s exposure for potential customers in your niche, step by step, the right way.

Getting Started

Let’s start on the home screen. Tap on the “me” shortcut icon to go to your profile screen. Once there, tap on the “edit profile” button.

When editing a TikTok profile, you’ll have the options to customize the profile photo, the profile video, the name, username, bio, and links to profiles in other social platforms.

Customizing The Profile

Let’s start by customizing the profile photo. Tap on the “change photo” icon. You can tap on “take a photo” to shoot a pic to upload, or on “select from the gallery” to upload your new profile picture from your device’s media gallery.

In this case, we are going to tap on “select from the gallery” to upload the profile image from the gallery. Before you upload the image, make sure that it is attention-grabbing, that it relates to your audience and niche, and that it reflects the values of your target customers.

Ok, let’s now customize the profile video. Tap on the “change video” icon. Next, select a video from your device’s gallery and tap on it to upload it to your profile.

On the next screen, drag the video frames in the bottom of the screen to use a 6-second segment for your profile. Then tap on “save”.

Let’s now customize the profile name. First, tap on the “name” tab. Now enter the name of your brand or business into the “name” field, and then tap on “save”.

Now the username. Tap on the “username” tab. Next, enter your new username into the “username” field. Here we recommend you enter the same username that you use on your other social media channels. Usernames can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and periods. You can tap on “save” when you are done composing the username.

Let’s now tap on the “bio” tab to add a description to your profile. Use the “bio” field on the following screen to enter a brief description of your brand or business. It is highly recommended that you include hashtags as keywords in the description, to make it easier for users to find your profile when looking for content in your target niche. You can tap on “save” after you finish.

Adding More Social Profiles To Your TikTok Profile

Ok, now it is time to add the final touches, by adding your branded Instagram and YouTube profiles to your branded TikTok profile.

First, tap on the “Instagram” tab. This will open the Instagram sign-in screen. Enter your Instagram sign-in info here, tap on the “log in” button, and confirm to allow TikTok access to your Instagram profile.

To add your branded YouTube profile, tap on the “YouTube” tab. You will be prompted to log in with your Google account. Select the account with which you’ll sign in with, enter your sign-in information if prompted to, review the permissions on the following page, and then tap on “allow”.

And that is it! As you can see, customizing a TikTok profile for your business is easy if you follow these steps. Next up we’ll be showing you how to create your first TikTok marketing video, so get ready!

Using “Discover” as a Powerful Marketing Tool

All good marketing starts with research. Knowing who is in your target audience, and knowing the latest trends in your niche are vital.

That is why in this lesson we will be teaching you how to use TikTok’s “discover” feature, a powerful marketing research tool that comes built-in with the app, and that lets you find the best content for your next big marketing campaign.

Getting Started

Using this “discover” feature is easy enough, and you can access it from anywhere on the app simply by tapping on the “discover” shortcut icon located in the bottom of the screen.

This shortcut will take you to the “discover” screen, where you’ll be able to find featured trends, viral hashtags, and much more!

Using Discover

So how do you exactly use this “discover” feature? Well, it’s easy enough, let’s take a look. The easiest way to find content on this screen is by checking the featured trends on top. By tapping on a featured trend on this banner, you will find all videos using the featured hashtag.

You can leverage the information you find here to expand your reach by adding these featured hashtags, but only as long as it makes sense for your brand!

Let’s now go back to the “discover” screen to look at the content posted under the featured trends banner.

Here you’ll find the hashtags that are trending at any given moment. One thing you’ll notice is that these hashtags are getting millions of views, which means that they’ve gone viral.

The good news is that you can use these trending hashtags to increase your brand’s exposure like crazy, and we’ll show you how.

First, scroll down through this screen to browse all trending hashtags. You’ll do this to find a hashtag that you can use to produce content for your brand. It is important that the hashtag that you select makes sense to your audience.

Once you find a hashtag, check the number of views it is getting. The larger the number of views, the larger the audience you will reach. This also means that the hashtag is very engaging!

Ok, now tap on the hashtag to go to the hashtag screen. Here you will find the hashtag’s thumbnail, the number of views it is getting, and a description of the hashtag. In this description, you will find what the hashtag is all about, and how to use it.

For example, if the hashtag is about performing a challenge, you will find how to participate in this description.

Now, the most important part is to actually watch some of the videos on top to see what type of content using that hashtag is performing the best.

What you’ll do then is to take notes about the most engaging elements in these videos so you can reverse engineer them for your branded videos. Elements we recommend you to watch out for include lettering, sounds, and effects.

The “discover” feature also allows you to make personalized searches. Let’s go back to the “discover” screen now to show you how.

To do personalized searches, you have to use the “search” bar on top. Here you’ll simply have to enter a keyword into the “search” bar, and then tap on “search”.

After you do, you’ll see all content related to your search. You can filter your results too, for a more effective search. For example, under the “top” tab you’ll find the top-performing content related to your keyword or search term.

Under the “users” tab you’ll find users that have included your keyword into their profiles. Here we recommend that you check the profile of top users, and to follow them so they can follow you back. You can then engage with them so they interact back with you, which will help you to increase the relevance of your account.

Under the “videos” tab you’ll find only top-performing videos related to your search. Under “sounds” you’ll find which sounds match your keyword, and under “hashtags” you will find which hashtags include your keyword. Here we recommend that you save related hashtags with over 1 million views!

And that is it my friends! This is how you can use “discover”, and as you can see, this feature is a powerful marketing tool that will help you to stay on top of your marketing game!

Setting Up A Great Influencer Campaign On TikTok

Influencer marketing is when a brand or product involves the influencer to promote their brands or products to their followers with the intention of raising awareness or increasing their sales.

Promotion of User Interaction

One of the most important aspects of using the TikTok application as a successful influencer marketing campaign is that the user can participate and interact with its content.

How can the user interact with your content?

Very easy. The user can challenge other users to join a hashtag challenge such as who makes the highest jump. The success of TikTok is that it creates a unique perspective that allows users to interact with its content without issuing a forced perspective.

Create fun, unique and creative content

One of the things that make the TikTok application a unique tool for influencer marketing is that TikTok does not need high-quality content to achieve the required impact

The originality, in this case, should be seen as important as the quality since the users of this application seem to appreciate the more cheesy and silly promotions of the lateral content.

Use of the hashtag challenge

Hashtag challenges are an important and essential part of the TikTok platform and community. Anytime the user is experiencing or navigating the waters of this application, they will realize that there are a lot of challenges in which he can participate at any time.

Hashtag challenges have to do with recreation and video interactions with some new ideas. The TikTok application has proven to be a very important tool in influencer marketing for a great majority of brands. With all the previous tips, you don’t have to miss the big move. The user can choose to use the paid promotion to promote their brand.

When the user chooses this option, they will work with certified influential people, which will ensure that their product or brand is more successful.

Influencer promoters turn to TikTok because the consumer table indicates that most customers are young people and young people like fun and uncomplicated things.

TikTok Marketing FAQs

How can TikTok adapt to your digital strategy?

TikTok has a very young clientele, unlike other platforms. If you can create videos that are captivating for TikTok followers, it could be a very valuable tool for your business.

TikTok is advertised as a social media platform where users can show their true colours. And being authentic is a great marketing strategy. With the highly sophisticated TikTok editing tool system, you could really shine.

TikTok lately has been testing native video ads that point to websites, this is very big news for marketers.

Should brands pay attention to TikTok?

Before answering this question let us tell you a little about the Z generation which are the most fanatical users of TikTok. You need to keep this in mind when asking why a brand should pay attention to TikTok.

The Gen Zers are today’s teenagers and the fastest-growing group of tomorrow’s trendsetters. Knowing that Gen Z is an objective population group, and if a popular Gen Z brand is not on TikTok, their brand could be missing out.

Who has the most followers on TikTok?

The person who has the most followers on TikTok in 2019 is 17-year-old Loren Gray.

At some point, she presented her program on Snapchat called “Glow Up”, she also obtained nominations for presenting herself on social networks for which she was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards.

This girl has also been producing music since 2017 and in May of this year she released her single “Can’t do it”.

How Do You Get A Verification Badge On TikTok?

The TikTok platform only gives verification badges to its most genuine users who have popularity and who are very influential on the network.

Although the official verification statements of this platform are not disclosed, we will show you how to get a foundation of faithful followers.

Follow these steps:

  • Videos that you share are of excellent quality and that are always recorded vertically.
  • Research popular videos to see what is popular and try to imitate how users with featured videos advertise their own content.
  • Try to entertain. This you do by being fun and exciting, act lively and interact with the music and your environment in an innovative way.

What type of content is restricted on TikTok?

The following is a list of content that TikTok may allow at its discretion if the content complies with all applicable rules, laws and regulations.

  •  Content that promotes financial services such as administration or investment of funds.
  • Food and drinks: Ads that promote drinks or food with a high level of sugar, fat or salt that are identified under the nutrient profile, may be subject to restrictions.
  • Medical care, medications and pharmaceutical products cannot have misleading or inaccurate statements.


We’re thrilled that you have chosen to take advantage of our TikTok marketing guide, and we wish you amazing success.

Thanks so much for the time you have dedicated to learning how to get the most advantages from TikTok Marketing.


Daniel is the founder of MediaDigi digital agency and digital marketing manager at Monetize.info. For over 14 years he has helped hundreds of customers to establish a presence online and win the digital race.

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