Social Media Automation Tools: Private Proxies [Uses, Benefits, Guide]

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Social Media Automation Tools - Private Proxies [Benefits, Guide]

In this article, we will tackle the importance of using the right tools in social media marketing campaigns. We will focus on two controversial tools: Private proxies and social media automation.

These tools can be terrifying for people who do not know understand it’s functions.

#1. Overview

Most businesses use multiple marketing software to develop products and services. Each tool is used for different purposes.

Some are intended to help boost sales, other types help gather consumer data.

Marketers utilize a combination of these tools to maximize data gathering.

How to Conduct a Social Media Competitive Analysis
How to Conduct a Social Media Competitive Analysis

One of the widely used technologies for marketing is social media automation. These tools help marketers save time effectively. It helps establish an interactive online relationship with the customers. Some of these automation tools are generally referred to as “bots” and are commonly called depending on the platform it operates in. Most people refer to it as Instagram bots, Facebook bots, Twitter bots, or the likes.

It’s undeniable that bots have negative characterizations because of abusive operators. Proper automation management can bring various edge to any business. It is mostly preferred because it’s cost and time-saving.

Most marketers are yet to explore the full benefits of these tools.

Best Social Media Automation Tools
Best Social Media Automation Tools

#2. Top 5 Reasons For UsingSocial Media Automation

2.1 Optimize Time and Visibility

Social Media tools allow managers to work efficiently. These tools are programmed to automate tasks. With repetitive tasks lifted from the daily schedule, time spent is focused on creativity and planning. Since it allows scheduling and posting, time differences no longer hinder reaching international audiences.

2.2 Faster speed and extended bandwidth

Private proxies clear the internet exclusively for the client and trusted participants. It results in faster load time. A slow connection while using automation tools can trigger a warning to any website. It also reduces interruptions by offering extended bandwidth.

2.3 Social Proof

Creating multiple accounts to increase likes, comments, views, and shares is a common strategy for social managers. It is how an account kickstarts the number of reactions and followers.

Automation tools make it easy to engage with other people in your niche. It has been proven that people find it easier to trust accounts with at least a thousand likes.

2.4 Immediate responses/support

Chatbots are the most used type of bot. It is visible on almost every business’ page. It’s easy to set up and generally ready to be launched. With chatbots, customers get immediate support.

Businesses can set up automated responses to common questions. Directing customers to the right resources is one of the chatbot’s most used features.

2.5 Data accuracy

Automation ensures the consistency of each process, every subject is guaranteed to undergo the same procedure and the same variables are applied to all. Automation also provides better tracking and reporting analysis. It reduces errors in between and after processes.

#3. Social Media Automation

Social Media Automation has many forms. It is programmed to automate daily account management tasks, optimizes social media and online interactions. It is commonly used to boost a brand’s social identity.

Each social media channel has dedicated bots.

Some examples and functions are as follows:

Facebook bots

  • Liking, commenting, sharing Facebook posts
  • Scheduling and auto-posting
  • Finding groups and pages in a niche
  • Joining or Leaving Facebook groups
  • Sending and accepting friend requests or page like invite

Instagram bots

  • Liking and commenting on Instagram posts
  • Scheduling and auto-posting
  • Sending automated direct messages
  • Automatic follow/unfollow
  • Hashtag research

LinkedIn bots

  • Reacting and commenting on LinkedIn posts
  • Scheduling and auto-posting
  • Sending Automated connections and follow-ups
  • Auto-view profiles
  • URL shortening

YouTube bots

  • Liking and commenting videos
  • Auto-follow and unfollow of channels
  • Automatic watching YouTube videos
  • Sharing videos

Twitter bots

  • Scheduling and publishing tweets
  • Automatic Twitter mentions
  • Follow and unfollowing accounts
  • Auto-favourites
  • Sending automated direct messages and responses

While these bots make a marketer’s daily tasks easier, improper utilization can bring more damage than good to an account. Penalties include a full week suspension to a permanent ban. This is a platform’s method to ensure that real account users are not spammed with bot activities.

Social media networks are widely known as some of the most restrictive websites. Second chances are rarely given to account users who are caught violating the terms and service.

There are also a number of instances where suspected violators were penalized. Connection limits and IP blocks are the most common challenges account owners face. This is one of the factors everyone should consider when managing more than one account in a platform.

3.1 What’s the role of proxies

Social media networks are consistently monitoring abusive users of automation tools.Although these tools are effective, they are mostly prohibited due to its relation to spam. Since these tools accomplish multiple tasks in an instant, it is easily misused by others.

This makes a proxy an integral factor when using bots. A proxy acts as an intermediary between you and the target website. It receives the request then forwards it to the target while concealing the requestor’s original IP address. Websites ban IPs which sends huge amounts of traffic. This is most likely to happen when using any automation tool.

Automations are programmed to complete tasks in a shorter period of time compared to humans. The proxies will make each request appear like it was sent from a completely different location. It is essential when sending multiple requests in a short span of time.

3.2 Who uses social media automation and proxies

Social Media automation is used by different industries. Nowadays, marketing efforts are not maximized unless digital channels are included.

Automation tools are mostly used by the people below:

  • Social Media Managers. When managing multiple accounts, it is important to assign a proxy for each profile. Social platforms limit the number of accounts one can use in a single device.  Since automation tools send many requests within an hour, it triggers a warning to a website. Consecutive activities that are tracked from a single IP source can lead to a permanent ban.
  • Digital Marketing Agencies. Proxies allow agencies to conduct market research while keeping the confidential data secured. It is also a key component in checking competitor analysis, data accuracy, and ad verifications.
  • Business Development Team. It allows business leaders to create and manage dedicated accounts for each campaign and promotion. These are extremely helpful when implementing geographically targeted campaigns. Proxies allow you to own an IP address from any location. It is possible to localize an account with the help of proxies. Through this, the reach is maximized in the targeted area.

3.3 What are the safest proxies for social media

Proxies have many types, created differently and serve various functions. It is commonly categorized in two: Private proxies and Shared proxies.

These are the types based on exclusivity. Private proxies are dedicated IP addresses which are exclusive to a single person’s use. On the other hand, shared proxies can be accessed by more than one user. The number of people who share a proxy depends on the provider.

Shared proxies are also known as semi-dedicated proxies. They are cheaper compared to private proxies. However, using these proxies are not recommended for social media use. Because it’s impossible to identify who you are sharing the proxy with. If the other user abuses it on a certain website, other accounts connected to that proxy will also be penalized.

3.4 Why private proxies are best for social media automation

When using proxies for social media, it’s important to choose private proxies. Keeping your accounts secured should be a priority. This is necessary especially if you handle more than one social profile.

Here are the main reasons why private proxies are the best with social media automation:

  • Exclusivity – With private proxies, you get exclusive access. Users can worry less about the security of the accounts connected to the proxy.
  • Ability to create multiple accounts  – Proxies allow you to own multiple IP addresses. This helps you go above the account creation and handling limits set by websites.
  • Speed up internet connection  – Private proxies clear the internet for the client and trusted participants. This results in better internet quality, speed, and reliability.
  • Account localization – The ability to own an IP address from another location is made possible through the use of proxies. It is extremely helpful in launching geo-targeted campaigns.
  • Wider reach – Having proxies in multiple locations allows marketers to maximize a campaign’s audience reach. Remote managers can take advantage of this feature especially if campaigns are targeted internationally.

#4. How to determine the best private proxy?

Searching for a private proxy online can be an overwhelming task. Highly competitive ads will show at the top of the list. The following search results will be from websites with high SEO ranking.

Choosing providers based on the top search results may not always be helpful. Reading review articles or forum threads are some of the best ways to get honest reviews. It is also critical to understand the characteristics and features each provider offers.

These factors should also be considered:

  • Anonymity – Proxies have three levels of anonymity:
  • Transparent Proxies – This type of proxies are also known as caching proxies. It provides minuscule anonymity and passes detailed information to the targeted website (i.e original IP address). These are best intended use for caching data to speed up the internet connection between parties.
  • Anonymous proxies – These proxies provide sufficient anonymity. These proxies do not reveal the original IP address. However, servers can determine that the request was sent through a proxy. Anonymous proxies are usually identified with the additional headers for each request they submit to a website.
  • Elite anonymity – These are the proxies with the highest level of anonymity. It is best to use social media or any restrictive websites. They leave no traces of proxy use nor do they reveal the IP address.
  • Bandwidth limit  – Some providers offer limited options. This can result in a more expensive cost on a per bandwidth basis. When managing and growing social media accounts, it is important to maximize the throughput and bandwidth the proxy can handle. When using automation, multiple requests are sent within an hour. It is important to have no interruptions to ensure the success of any active campaign.
  • Network Uptime – This refers to the percentage of time that the server is operational. A high percentage requires significant investment (i.e technology, expertise) to achieve. This defines the level of success provided real time. It can be difficult to maintain and involves different factors.
  • Compatibility – Identifying a proxy’s protocol helps determine the proxy’s compatibility to websites or automation tools (i.e bots). HTTP/HTTPS proxies are recommended for social media websites. These platforms require authentication and authenticity which are provided through HTTP/HTTPS connections.

These are integral characteristics that can affect online activities significantly. Ensuring the proxy provider possesses these characteristics can reduce account safety concerns. Having a reliable provider can absolutely make automation tasks less daunting.

#5. Summary

Social Media Marketing has been growing in demand these past few years. More companies are investing in these networks to establish their brands. This can be attributed to a variety of reasons. It’s evident that the growing number of social media users is directly proportional to the opportunity for client acquisition.

Moreover, social media platforms have become an extensive part of people’s lives. This makes it a great advertising channel to every business in different niches.

In order to maximize the brand’s reach, automation tools have become a vital aspect to every marketing campaign. Knowledge of using these tools effectively has become a competitive advantage for anyone who is in or who is planning to get into the industry.

Automation tools help in achieving marketing objectives greatly. While these tools promote efficiency, improper handling can result in wasted time and effort.

In order to avoid this, educating oneself about the proper applications is the first step. Keeping activities in moderation is also highly suggested. These are the best practices to ensure that automation campaigns will run smoothly and uninterrupted.


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