What Small Business Owners MUST Know About SEO

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What Small Business Owners MUST Know About SEO

Small businesses play a significant role in shaping stable economic standards at national and global levels. With every change that takes over the world, small business owners conveniently adapt by innovating reliable sales and marketing strategies.

As technology keeps advancing with every dawn, so does the value of establishing a virtual presence of your business.

Despite understanding the relevance of possessing a solid online presence, small business owners may not comprehend the purpose that SEO plays in facilitating the online presence.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a pool of online techniques whose core objective is to heighten your website rank by maximizing no-paid and organic search results.

10 Most Complete Free SEO Guides
10 Most Complete Free SEO Guides

Put, SEO targets increasing traffic to your website by widening the visibility of your online presence. You may not yet get the whole picture about how SEO works in favor of the productivity of your real small business, and that is why you may be undecided whether to hire an SEO expert or resort to doing it yourself SEO.

Google algorithms keep changing by the second, and as a small business owner, you may not have adequate time to keep up with all the advancements. This is why you must have some essential tips about SEO.

Here are some.

1. Mobile-Friendly Sites Are Vital

The need for mobile devices has risen over the last two decades because technology has rapidly evolved as well.

Today, more than ever, billions of mobile phone users can search for the contents of your website by the convenience of hand devices.

If you are operating a small business website that is not mobile phone friendly, you may have a difficult time attracting leads to your business.

Mobile Responsive Website Is a Must Have
Mobile Responsive Website Is a Must Have

Once the mobile device users search your website, the rank will appear according to the performance of your respective business and mobile site.

When considering a better responsive design, I recommend HTML5 and getting rid of Flash.

Ideally, you should know that including additional information about your small business, especially on an accessible mobile website goes a long way in attracting more leads than your small business can handle.

How Can a Mobile-Friendly Website Improve Your SEO Rankings
How Can a Mobile-Friendly Website Improve Your SEO Rankings

Is that not the productivity that you aim for?

2. A Strong Social And Online Presence

Whether you are running the SEO campaigns personally or having it get done by an SEO expert, say like Scott Keever SEO, know that this is not enough.

Your small physical business must match the description that your titles highlight in your online platform. Users equally understand that SEO incorporation is vital for both small and large companies, and for this, they search for the media presence of your respective company.

The idea here is to use multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Even though some of your social media content may not necessarily have a positive index on the search engines, you can be assured that it will enhance the legitimacy and reliability of your selected SEO.

3. Avoid Pop-up Ads

Mobile device users detest the idea of pop-ups interrupting them when browsing your website. Mobile-friendly websites have the advantage of customizing search results to associate with the keywords, titles, and key phrases of your topics.

Moreover, Google announced that it would restrict pop-up ads on mobile websites, but if you choose to utilize the technique, either way, be certain that your search ranking will fall significantly.

The best part is that a small business owner will finally comprehend the concept of specificity based on the pop-ups that one can or cannot use.

For instance, it is not recommended to use a pop-up that requires the website visitor to close it before they can access the content.

4. Meta Descriptions and Meta Titles

A meta description is what you see on Google search results. Typically, it appears under the URL of your website page. Meta tags are significant in ranking your webpage. Therefore, all the pages on your company website should have outstanding meta descriptions and titles.

Meta Descriptions of Websites showing in a Google Search
Meta Descriptions of Websites showing in a Google Search

As mentioned earlier, your performance largely depends on how you associate with the target audience. For that reason, ensure that your meta information is enticing.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between enticing meta information and data stuffed with keywords. Meta description also increases the click-through rate of your webpage, thus boosting the number of leads on your website.

Nevertheless, there is a set of rules that come with the incorporation of meta information. First, your metadata should contain characters ranging between 50 and 300.

Short paragraphs are convenient as they help you determine whether the information is relevant for the target audience. You can also exceed 300, but Google will automatically truncate the info.

Also, the meta description should incorporate the primary keywords that the webpage is targeting. Keep the description natural, active, and compelling while avoiding information that appears like spam.

Besides that, remember to avoid duplicate meta tags as you will end up with awkward SERP results, something that will affect click-through rates. However, you should know that search engines will not always use your meta description.

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5. Cost of Small Business SEO

The amount of money you spend on SEO for your small business significantly depends on how you wish to operate.

This involves several factors.

For instance, the content you need plays a huge role in the cost of SEO. Frankly, generating SEO-optimized content is not as easy as it sounds. For a revamped landing page, you may need to make use of press releases and email newsletters to bring traffic.

All the same, the money you spend depends on SEO marketers as they charge varying prices.

For example, some organizations charge roughly $1 per word. This means you will have to pay an average of $3000 for your landing page.

Other organizations can charge twice as much. SEO cost for your small business may also depend on your need for social media. Well, social media may be unnecessary, but if it works for your company, you should go for it.

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Firm To Outsource SEO
3 Tips on Choosing the Right Firm To Outsource SEO

The performance of your business relies on the relationship with your audience, and this involves regularly posting useful content in an amusing way. For this, you may spend about $4000 on a couple of social media channels.

Another alternative is managing SEO alone. Though you will need to borrow some tools for improving your business SEO, you will spend less.

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6. Benefits of SEO for Your Small Business

Here are in a nutshell the benefits of using SEO for your small business:

  • Finding new customers is easy.
  • SEO helps you generate more targeted traffic.
  • With the use of SEO tools, you heighten brand awareness.
  • Improved targeted traffic comes with more conversion rates.
  • SEO is cost-effective and long-lasting compared to numerous marketing strategies.


SEO is a powerful tool to have in your marketing plan. Growing a new business is not a walk in the park. While you may have it in mind that a successful business requires time, SEO can help you surpass that notion. It is possible for you to see the expected results within the unexpected period.

To add, you can bypass your biggest competitors. Provided you get creative with your website, SEO will help you grow from a small business to a top reputable organization.

The best idea is to choose your preferred SEO marketer, the likes of Scott Keever SEO, and pull off an optimized website that Googles loves to display to its users. Give your target audience a reason to keep coming your way.


Daniel is the founder of MediaDigi digital agency and digital marketing manager at Monetize.info. For over 14 years he has helped hundreds of customers to establish a presence online and win the digital race.

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