10 Link-Building Techniques That Will Work in 2021 and beyond

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Expert Link-Building Techniques
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If you want to improve your website visibility and rank higher on Google, you cannot ignore link-building techniques. Relevant, useful quality links help push websites to first pages on search engine results which enables more people to see it and eventually increase the website traffic.

The importance of link-building techniques

Link building plays an essential factor when it comes to the success of the website, but it not as straight forward as it looks. There are several things that one needs to keep in mind to gain the benefits of the link building, such as discovering useful websites for backings, etc.

But what you can do to acquire more links?

Well, some practical ways can help you bring the right link building strategies. But you need to evaluate your plan, again and again, to make sure you are going in the right track.

Here are some of the best link building methods that have proven to deliver the best results.

#1. Do Guest posting

Guest posting is a well-known and effective link building strategy to acquire good links. It revolves around creating content for different sites and then earning links from them in return.

But guest blogging is not about contacting thousands of sites and writing to all of them. There are some things that one needs to take care of while using guest blogging for link building.

1.1 Choose relevant websites

A business should choose those sites that are like their niche. Like if you are in the fashion niche and writing a blog on artificial intelligence, then it will not do any good to you.

Yes, people will like your content, but they are less likely to visit your website because the blog is not related to the niche.

OutreachBuzz helps you here. We have over 3500 websites manually added in 38 categories. This way you can easily select only websites that are relevant for your industry and niche.

1.2 Check out the site

Once you narrow the list of websites according to the relevancy/similarity, check out how these websites are performing on the internet. This will help you decide whether writing a guest post will be a good choice or not.

  • The site should have a domain authority of more than 30
  • Have 1000 or more social media followers
  • Ensure you’ll get a featured bio

Even if you find a website that has everything that you are looking for but not giving a featured bio, then it is not worthy of your time.

Look for such websites that will mention your headshot and provide a link back to the website.


  • Check the guidelines before writing.
  • Write unique content.
  • Always write for the readers, not for the search engines.


  • Do not stuff links in the post.
  • Avoid posting on low-quality sites.

“You should publish high-quality guest bloggers, people whose words you really, really trust.”

Matt Cutts

Outreach.buzz helps you here as well. We track a lot of metrics for each website. These are several of the metrics DA from Moz, CF, TF, FlowRatio from Majestic, Social Media pages, Ahrefs Rank, SEMrush rank, etc.

#2. Local Link building

Local linking building is a resource that can provide you with quality links. It is a process of getting links from the targeted websites in the local region.

Companies’ local SEO link building strategies are mostly aimed to get backlinks from the local websites and creating content that targets their local audiences.

But how local link building can help you get local links?

Read the below tips and tricks to find out.

2.1 Make a local SEO landing page

The reason behind making a local SEO landing page is to cover your preferred market area. This page is typically made to highlight a city or geographical area which you want to target. So, while making the landing page make sure you optimized the keywords, meta description, and onsite content.

2.2 Get local backlinks

Local backlinks will show your website/products in relevant local searches. And there are several ways to do it such as:

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Facebook
  • Bbb.org, etc

Looking for more local backlinks opportunities? Check our article: 200 Free Link Building Places for the Beginners in 17 Categories.

2.3 Partner with local businesses

Another way for link building is to sponsor local businesses and charities. It is quite easy to get backlinks from local businesses, and one should leverage this tip to get valuable backlinks.

#3. Broken link building

Broken link building is a strategy that revolves around finding dead links in resources that are like your niche then recreating content and reaching out to them for replacement. This might seem a lot of work, but its benefits are enormous.

There is a lot of software and web browsers plugin that can help you find the dead links. So, whenever you find a dead link, get in touch with the site admin and offer a substitute.

If you already have relevant content for the dead link, then email it to the admin otherwise create a new piece of content.


  • Produce high quality and relevant content for substitute.
  • Target links that are related to your niche.


  • Do not participate with low-quality blogs and websites
  • Avoid links exchanging offers.

Here is a comprehensive guide on broken link building by Backlink (Brean Dean).

#4. Building links from relevant websites

Interlinking the content to relevant websites helps in elevating ranking on search engines. Google considers those websites authentic that links to trusted websites.

Like many sites include Wikipedia links in their content. This linking helps them increase their backline count and website authority and why not Wikipedia is a highly relevant resource.

On the other hand, if you link to those websites that are considered spammy by search engines, then your ranking will be adversely affected. Also, one must not try to add such links in the content that are not related to their products or services as it will create a negative impression on ranking.

#5. Track competitor backlinks

An easy way to link building is to track your competitor’s backlinks and then replicate it.

Competitors will provide you with a lot of information, such as:

  • Specifics tactics that help them land quality links.
  • Which of their content is attracting the backlinks?
  • How and why their link profile is growing?

But how to check competitor’s backlinks?

Here is the process in a nutshell:

Step 1

Find your major competitors. It is easy to guess competitors from the search engines. But to ensure that you discover all the significant competitors go to SEMrush.com, type the main keywords, and click the search button.

After this, you will get a list of webpages that are currently ranking high in Google search results.

Step 2

The next thing is to figure out how they are building links.

Step 3

Copy their link building tactics.

You have to start with the basic premise that you need to know what your competition is doing.”

Guy Kawasaki

#6. Testimonials links

Outreach.buzz Testimonial
Outreach.buzz Testimonial

Do you use specific tools, products, or services in your business? Then these tools could provide you with an opportunity to get potential links.

But how?

  • Offer the platform/websites to share a positive testimonial.
  • Make sure the website testimonials have space for links.
  • Praise the product or service but do not go out of the way- Describe how their product helps you.
  • Do not make up a story; provide genuine feedback.

This will not only increase your chances of getting links but also increase your brand awareness.

#7. Expert roundups

Expert Roundups are a brilliant way to earn backlinks, attract engagement and traffic. If you know nothing about expert roundups, check our expert roundup creation guide. Here is the process that you can follow to acquire links:

  1. Find a content idea relevant to your niche but ensure that it is something that can help you accumulate influencers that can give some quotes or comments on it.
  2. Create a list of influencers and contact them- requesting to give a “Tip” on the topic.
  3. Gather the data from the influencers and use that data in your content. But do not overflow or overstuff their tips in the content.
  4. Intimate them when the article is published and request them to promote the article as it is in their interest also.

Looking for a company to create an expert roundup for you and promote it effectively? We got you covered. Check this expert roundup creation service.

Expert Roundup Example: 55 Content Marketing Experts Roundup
Expert Roundup Example: 55 Content Marketing Experts Roundup

More expert roundup examples:

#8. Skyscraper Technique

An easy and simple way to acquire links is to use the skyscraper technique or in simple words, updating a link worthy-content.

When you find an article/content that has not been updated for quite a long time, check out how many backlinks are there in it. If many sites/publications or resources referring to that piece of content, start creating writing fresh content.

After publishing the content, contact the publishers who have contributed to the content. Then wait for one to two weeks to see the results of the outreach.

You will get two-way benefits from this- one in the form of backlink and others in the form of building long term relationships with the contributors.

You can also use this strategy in your blogs to elevate ranking on google search results. But choose those articles that are already in the fourth or fifth spot in the first search results page.

For example, if you have written an article on a specific technology four or five months back and now certain features are added to it, then you can add the relevant updates in the blog post. But while doing this, make sure you are adding the updated date.

#9. Reclaim mention Links

Reclaiming unlinked brands that are mentioning your products or services is the easiest way to create backlinks.

For this, all that you need to do is to use a tool such as Google alerts to see who is mentioning you. When you find out the brand, news, or blog which is mentioning your products, reach out to them and request a proper attribution.

But while contacting the author, manager, journalist, or blogger, remember that you are asking for a favour.

So, try to add some personalization in the mail by using the name of the person. Add the most relevant page of your website for linking and ensure that you follow up emails in case you do not hear back from them.

Benefits of links reclamation

  • It is something that you can start without any assets.
  • It is a low-risk investment.
  • Almost all brand has unlinked mentions, but big brands have the most, therefore, can provide the biggest returns.

#10. Join discussion boards

The last but no less important of the link-building techniques is participating in forums and communities that are related to your niche. That’s because it is a great way to improve authority and building backlinks such as Quora and Reddit.

These are good places to reach to the target audience, marketing your website, and increasing traffic to the website.

But one thing that you should keep in mind is that your profile should be unique and informative and have no follow-up links.


  • Find the relevant forums and take part in the discussion.
  • Ensure your comments are relevant, interesting, and give value to the conversation.


  • Do not post irrelevant comments on the forums.
  • Do not add links without permission.

Conclusion on link-building techniques

In the end, there are several link building techniques, but the real challenge is to find and implement a strategy that works best for your business.

All the above tactics will only work for you if you do the right planning and track your results from time to time.

Further readings on link building tactics:

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In addition to this, one thing that you must also keep in mind is that link building is a long process, so you should be patient to gain the benefits. Also, create a plan and mix these link-building techniques to maximize benefits.

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