How to add and verify your business in Bing Places for Business

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How to add and verify your business in Bing Places for Business
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If you’re using Bing Places for Business as an agency and you’d like to manage client business listing, it’s time to perform some verifications to help keep your clients up to date. Help them get on Big with a dashboard the makes the streamlines the whole process.

Having your clients listed in Bing Places is an important step in getting your clients to rank locally. Also, as an SEO agency owner, it will make you more competitive.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Bing Places for Business
Bing Places for Business

#1 – Register on Bing Places for Business as an agency

Agencies are considered only if they’ve been contracted or authorized by another agency/business to handle listings on Bing’s Places for Business. As a matter of fact, only if you register as a business will you be permitted to handle somebody else’s listings on Bing Places.

There’s an added benefit to registering as an agency: it permits entrepreneurs to use a single account to add and update different businesses using a single dashboard.

To complete your registration, you have to provide some additional information related to your agency and verify the agency’s email address. To get started, head to and add multiple business names.

Following your registration as an agency, you can use Bing Places to add as many businesses as you want, provided you don’t go over the number of 10,000.

Fill out this template. Complete the steps and hit submit.

The template is made up of comments and steps you have to follow to make sure you’ve included the right information and data for each business.

After your listings have been uploaded, customer support reviews them to make sure the information is qualitative. Following the upload of your listings, the next step is listing; wait until they’re reviewed for security purposes.

You should know that listings that don’t adhere to the required guidelines will automatically be suspended and will not be processed. However, if you’re good to go, the next step is the client verification phase.

#2 – Getting verified

After your client’s business listing has been submitted to Bing Places, the listing has to be verified by the client as well. This step is necessary to vouch that you’re allowed to handle other people’s information. A PIN will be sent via postal service to every one of your clients throughout the client verification process.

Afterward, you or the client will introduce the PIN on the Bing Places website to complete the verification process. Most businesses are listed and verified on their own.

But it’s possible to enter Bing Places and register under the form of “chain business.” This means that as a chain business, you can have multiple properties, locations, franchises, or stores spread across a specified geographical region.

Some of the best examples included are fast food restaurants, retail stores, and hotels. There’s one core benefit to registering as a chain business. You are not required to verify your business chains individually.

All you need is an authorized piece of paper from the client or chain. Then, your agency account is set up, and you will have permission to manage chain locations.

Bing Places agency dashboard

Bing Places Agency Dashboard

Agencies will find the new dashboard extremely useful. You can use it to add business listings or put it to work by checking on submitted listings.

All listings feature a summary; this guarantees you that they’ve been processed. In case issues emerge, problematic listings will be featured first. Download them, fix them, and then hit resubmit.

Last but not least, the Bing agency dashboard offers detailed information for individual listings, including impression and status information. As an agency, all your listings can be managed from a single account.

Access can be shared between staff members and assigned individually. Clients also have access to the dashboard; they’ll have their own accounts, which they can use to view/work their own listing.

Are you an agency trying to help prospects get on Bing? Now you can use PPC management and Bing Place for business to ease the process. The verification process is not that complicated. All you have to do is follow the steps carefully.

Before you know it, you will have access to Bing for Business; an online dashboard where managing clients and assigning listings have never been easier.

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