How Does AI Affect Social Media Marketing?

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How Artificial Intelligence Affect Social Media Marketing

Social media is a potential platform for brands with an estimated 2.77 billion social media users around the world.

However, in this era of digitization where social media channels are multiplying at a faster rate, it becomes hard to keep pace the marketing scenarios.

Social Media tips for B2B companies
Social Media tips for B2B companies

Another major challenge for social media marketers is to decide the content and publish time for the utmost reach. Even while choosing influencers, it becomes difficult to determine the right influencer for that right push.

This is where AI comes to the rescue. Al is used to effectively handle the issues related to the content, influencers, and audience behavior.

As a result, social media marketers are moving towards artificial intelligence for improving their performance.

Evolution of Chatbots

With AI, marketers are now able to offer a highly personalized and intuitive experience to their users through tools like chatbots and virtual assistants. It is increasingly gaining hype by making the brand-user interaction seamless.

Chatbots are programs with an ability to mimic human-like conversation and can answer the most basic questions. Equipped with deep learning and artificial intelligence, it can adapt to customer behavior.

Many social media marketers are reaping the benefits by utilizing this new marketing tool.

Here are some facts that reflect how Chatbots are impacting their performance.

Elimination Of Guess Work With Slack bots

It takes a lot of effort t set up, runs and monitors social media marketing campaigns when it begins to generate the increased level of engagements. Posting a new and winning content every time while addressing hundreds of messages is not that easy. You can’t just rely on the guesswork to achieve a bigger goal.

This is where slack bots come to play. It helps the marketers to cut out all forms of guesswork while creating social media content. Slack bots analyze many social media posts related to your niche.

Image Recognition

Images are more effective than text in social media to engage the audience. With the use of AI, the power of an image can be enhanced to identify consumer behavior patterns. You can get a better view of the shift in user patterns through images posted on social media using AI-empowered software recognition tools.

But with millions of images being posted every minute, it is difficult for a person to perceive an opportunity without the help of AI. AI is now intelligent enough to identify various promotional opportunities on different social media platforms and provide insights accurately.

Enhanced Content optimization

Planning a great content is like a piece of cake when you have a clear view of your competitors, audience, and industry. However, here the toughest part is to find the exact mix of text, image, and video to optimize your content.

Keyword research, topic selection, and performance tracking require a significant amount of time which leaves less time for building a successful content strategy. This problem can be resolved using artificial intelligence that utilizes deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing to help marketers boost their performance.

Improved Customer service

With the increasing demand for better customer services, Artificial Intelligence makes it easier for marketers to keep pace with the demands. Most of the customers expect to get answers within a few minutes while making product inquiries. It is practically impossible to address thousands of customers without getting weary.

Here, AI acts as a readily available reliable and effective alternative to serve the purpose. With AI marketing solutions, customer care agents can promptly get and interpret a huge amount of customer data within a short period.

Improved Social listening

Social listening is a renowned solution used in AI and Big Data. Unlike social media monitoring that involves only the collection of social data, social listening comprises actionability.

By tracking specific conversations, social listening can influence the data to uncover opportunities to generate specialized content for specific audiences. In other words, it enables social media marketers to interact with audiences powerfully and tailor their voice to better connect with them.

AI systems are used by social listening tools to collect, arrange and evaluate masses of data from social media. You will be informed by the automatic system when something important is being mentioned about your brand.

Moreover, you can even get some actionable data about your audience with such tools and utilize it to improve your social media marketing strategy.

Text mining and marketing automation

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have turned text mining and marketing automation into full reality. The text mining process analyzes the structured and unstructured data across different social media platforms to know more about the taste and preference of customers.

The information extracted from text mining is useful for target market automation. Extracting information from your target audience does not require a lot of thoughts and effort with AI.

Better Competitor analysis

Like any other field, social media marketing needs marketers to analyze competitors’ social pages. However, finding and analyzing large data sets on the social pages of competitors can be manually exhausting.

Thanks to AI, now savvy marketers can keep track of strategies that are working for their competitors and integrate them into their own social media pages.

Our colleagues from are working on a social media competitive analysis tool powered by AI so contact them if you’d like to be the first to know when is launched.

Scalable Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the trend adopted by most of the brands these days. They either sign up to influencer Agencies or look for them on social media.

However, AI makes it super easier by helping the agencies with their match-making. On the basis of information collected by artificial intelligence, influencer marketing agencies connect brands with influencers.

Personality classification is another feature of AI that helps agencies by profiling an influencer’s persona based on some specific data such as their followers, or preference for content, etc.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

When done by individuals, reviewing every feed and posts can be daunting while AI can do it more accurately and quickly. Thus, AI makes influencer marketing more scalable.

Real-time interactions

Social media is the most amicable way to reach out to your audience. Whether you want to catch the eye of a potential prospect or answer queries of your customers, social media is the way to go. Like any other form of marketing, social media marketing also thrives on real-time interactions.

This means you just can’t leave the customers to wait for hours for your response. They expect you to get back to them immediately. You can use social media monitoring tools to recognize opportunities for customer interaction by analyzing mentions about your brand.

Social Media Monitoring For your Business
Social Media Monitoring For your Business

AL allows the social monitoring tool to determine how and when to respond to customers. It can be predicted that AI is going to be even more involved in the upcoming year. From chatbots to an automated response, you can anticipate everything to become more intelligent in the future.

How Top Social Networking Sites are Enhancing User Experience with AI


AI is used in almost every product of LinkedIn. With nearly seven million candidates, it serves as the biggest pool of candidates for a recruiter to reach with the highest response rate.

All the process is carried out through an algorithm that predicts users that are the best fit for the job. The AI algorithms emphasize candidates who are seeking new job opportunities or those who are most likely to respond. AI has drastically changed the job-matching algorithms of Linkedin to get better performance.


Do you know Facebook can automatically flag posts that reflect suicidal thoughts to be reviewed by human moderators? Wondering how? Yes, it is the charm of artificial intelligence.

Apart from this, the social media platform with millions of active users has introduced facial recognition feature to save a lot of time. The giant of the technological world already adopted artificial intelligence for a great result.

The tag function is now a lot easier and faster with the integration of AI. A special facial recognition feature of AI enables Facebook to identify the owner of an image.


A recent update is launched by twitter with Artificial Intelligence that can crop images using face detection or by generating a thumbnail. The interesting part is, it allows Twitter to decode which part of the image user would be interested in using a neural network.

AI-based image identifies the important part of faces and previews it. Artificial intelligence turns out to be a major help for this platform to serve better and various advanced features are being incorporated by twitter to make a difference in the social media marketing field.

Wrapping Up

Artificial Intelligence has been gaining hype over the past few years with social media marketing catching up on the latest technologies. The increasing addition of ‘intelligent’ features of AI is giving potential opportunities to the marketers to focus on the gist of marketing instead of the nitty-gritty details.

Integrating AI with effective SEO strategies, marketers can reap many benefits like a boost in the sale and more traffic. Professional SEO agencies are integrating AI into their strategy to perform better.

Marketers can now focus on more productive things while leaving the data collection and organization part to be accomplished by the Artificial intelligence more accurately.


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