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Social Media Guide: Drive more traffic to your e-commerce website

The rapid evolution of different social media channels has now changed the life of tech-savvy people.

Now, they get in touch with their friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, etc, at any time and share their opinions easily.

The availability of millions of people on social media channels has encouraged entrepreneurs, business organizations, and firms to use social media channels as a free marketing tool.

This helps them to increase traffic to their sites and convert visitors into leads.

But, how one can do that? Just have a look at some key points detailed here below:

#1. Create A Separate Social Media Marketing Calendar

Due to the availability of numerous social media channels, you find it very a challenging task to arrange quality content to perform different SMO activities. On a number of occasions, you fail to optimize your social media pages, which affects the flow of traffic to your site.

Therefore, first of all, decide which social media channels you want to use for the promotion of your content. This will help you to create a separate social media marketing calendar and follow that strictly for the expected results.

For example: If you want to use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, and Pinterest, you can easily arrange the content for that. In this way, you can easily provide enough content to the targeted audience and keep them visiting your E-commerce site.

#2. Create Short And Appealing Content

Most of the social media users are not interested in going through long and plain text content. They prefer image content, small text content with eye-catching titles and subtitles, videos, etc.

Based on your user’s need, you should create concise and user-centric content to attract social media users. This will help you to trigger user-engagement on your site’s social media pages on a large scale.

For example- if you introduce your newly launched products to the social media audience via an infographic, it helps you to get more pageviews on your site. In order to create valuable content easily and quickly, you can take the help of certain Social Media tools.

#3. Attach Social Media Sharing Buttons to your site

Google, the world’s leading search engine, considers the social media presence of websites as an important factor when they determine their usefulness and relevancy for visitors.

If a website has a strong presence on leading social media sites, it is possible that Google may display the site or its pages up in its search results than that of those sites with no social presence.

Therefore, if you want to increase the visibility of your E-commerce site and gain a steady flow of traffic, you should add social media buttons to your site. For example- If you run a Magento E-commerce site, you can add social sharing buttons to your site using Magento extensions.

Whenever, you update your site with a new content, share it on all social media channels. If users share your posts further, you get its SEO benefits totally free of cost.

#4. Conduct Live Chats

People are always eager to communicate directly with the owners of famous E-commerce brands and share their thoughts easily. They also want to get their complicated issues resolved.

Therefore, you should conduct live chat sessions on social media channels and communicate with your audience. For example- you can start Facebook live streaming to promote your products/services & answer the legitimate questions raised by customers.

This helps you to improve the user experience up to a great extent. Pleased visitors like to visit your E-commerce site or its social media pages frequently and show great interest in your offerings.

#5. Attach Social Media Links In Newsletters

E-retailers do Email marketing to increase their customer base and generate leads. In the E-commerce landscape, it is a very difficult to convince people to sign up your newsletters. But, if you add social media links to newsletters, you get benefited in two different ways:

  • You introduce your products and services to clients
  • You can start interactive discussions with the audience upon their request.

This helps you to earn more social media likes/followings and increase traffic to your site up to a great extent. For example- to run Email marketing campaigns for Magento E-commerce sites, you can use a Magento extension.

#6. Use Social Media Marketing Automation Tools

When you do social media optimization on a large scale, it’s very difficult for you to maintain consistency to handle different social media sites perfectly. In such situations, you can use some Social Media Automation Tools to automate your posts and increase their outcome up to a great extent.

We are big fans of social media automation tools so we can make you several suggestions here. Check this twitter automation tools you should use. Our favorite tool to drip feed our content to social media channels is MissingLettr.

#7. Make Use Of User Generated Content

In fact, User-generated content is created by visitors, customers, clients, social media fans or followers. You can use the UGC on your website or social media networks for the promotion of your E-commerce brand.

It helps you to meet a number of goals such as brand building, more user engagement on your site/social media pages, SEO benefits and increasing the number of social media followers.

If your e-commerce site have a blog, you should definitely check our article on how to get great user generated content for your blog.

#8. Conduct Online Surveys

There are several benefits of launching online surveys on your social media pages. It allows the shoppers to participate in your surveys and give their valuable answers. In this way, you can easily come to know what shoppers expect from your E-commerce brand.

Based on the results, you can implement those required changes and can witness a sharp increase in your site’s traffic per day, week or month.

Always keep in mind that you must ask relevant questions in online surveys, display the results to visitors and reply the customer’s questions if any.

#9. Track Your SMO Performance

It is very important for you to evaluate the performance of your social media campaigns regularly. Just install Google analytics on your site to perform this action.

It helps you to know the exact areas where you need to work on to increase traffic to your site, conversion, and revenue up to the expected level. For more tips on tips and resources for your SMO campaigns check our recommended resources.

If you need help with Social Media Marketing check our services page. We love to help entrepreneurs and business owners to make the most of their campaigns.

#10. Paid Advertising On Social Media Channels

If you are not able to generate enough traffic to your site through social media campaigns, you can use Paid Advertising on social media channels to meet your goals easily and quickly. For this, you need to have a sufficient budget and a clear strategy to target the social media audience through paid advertising.

Based on your user base (on different social media channels), you can give paid advertisements such as:

Final Words:

A solid presence on different social media channels is must for getting a substantial amount of traffic to your site. The above-mentioned tips will help you to launch effective social media campaigns for your E-commerce site in an easy way and meet your specific targets in terms of traffic and conversions.

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